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Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions regarding renting a motorhome:

Which RVs are rented??

We rent new RVs from various renowned manufacturers, mainly from German or European brand production. We rent our campers through our partner ADAC, however you must not be member of ADAC.

Which models?

We rent several mobile homes – starting with an agile, compact TravelVan for 2 to 3 persons („Activity Class“) up to the spacious alcove motorhome for up to 6 persons („Comfort Class“).

What age is necessary?

The minimum age is 21 years, the tenant also has to be in posession of a valid driving licence for each vehicle category at least for one year.

ADAC rental for ADAC members Only?

Absolutely not! The ADAC motorhome rental system we use for marketing our campers as partners is free for everyone who has reached the minimum age (21), is in posession of an appropriate, valid driving license and can be identified by a valid identity card.

Licence categories?

For the vehicles of our motorhome fleet the old class 3 driving license is sufficient. The category B driving license is intended for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight up to 3,500 kg, for vehicles with more than 3,500 kg curb weight the driver’s license class C1 is required.

Service fee? What is included?

The additional service fee of 140, – € has to be paid together with the rental invoice once before the per rental period. The service fee consists of the following positions:

  • Operable provision of the motor home home and individual vehicle handover

  • Personal vehicle withdrawal

  • Exterior wash the vehicle when vehicle withdrawal

  • 1 Bottle of gas (propane / butane, depending in their type max. 5 and 11 kg

  • WC sanitary accessories and fresh water chemistry

Minimum rental?

If your request is economically feasible and subject to the availability of the motor home, we will agree to a rental. During school holidays the minimum rental period is 12 days, except for booking gaps.

Benefits for ADAC members?

ADAC members will benefit from the following additional advantages:

  • Saturdays-Transfer or redemption for discounted price.

  • 3% discount on the daily rental rate (excluding service charge).

  • ADAC-TourSet with maps and valuable information.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is € 1.500 (2014) and has to be deposited in cash when pick up.

What about the booking process?

Shortly after your booking you will receive a „confirmation of your reservation“ you send us back signed. A fixed amount of € 300  has to be deposited within 14 days after booking, the total balance has to be paid on our account no later than 14 days before beginning your holiday.

How to get a reservation?

You can book our campers:

  • Online on our site www.rentandgo24.com

  • In all ADAC Travel Agencies

  • In all ADAC offices

  • Locally over 60 rental location (national)

  • Over the Internet www.adac.de/wohnmobile (german)

How much free kilometers are included in the rental price?

For respective included free kilometers and the cost of any more kilometers please consider the valid price list or the respective special refer.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS)?

Our camper fleet consists of the latest and currently well proven base on Fiat, Ford or Renault chassis and mostly are equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) as standard.


We exclusively rent motorhomes and camper vans with robust, fuel-efficient and high-torque turbo diesel engines of the latest generation. Depending on the loading conditions and driving style you have to look for a diesel consumption of 10-14 liters / 100km.

Soot particle filter?

Most of our vehicles are already equipped with an effective environmentally friendly particulate filters.

Automatic Transmission, towbar?

We currently run a few vehicles with towbar and / or automatic transmissionin in our rental fleet . The use of an existing trailer coupling is subject to approval by the landlord as well as an extra charge! Our online booking tool allows you to select and search specifically for such vehicles.

Are pets allowed?


Rent by owner

Each mobile home owner who rents his camper (for money) is commercial. A private rental in the strict sense does not exist.

Please pay attention to the entry in the vehicle’s documents when renting a motorhome. There has to be an explicit authorization noted as „self-drive rental car“, otherwise you will have NO (!) Insurance coverage in case of damage!

Rent calculation vary by season?

The rental price is always charged per night and considered on the exact day if possible season time overlap.

Are changes allowed?

As there are spare capacites at the stated rental location within the calendar and the rental period is not reduced, a transfer until 14 days before the agreed arrival is possible at no extra charge.

Costs in case of cancellation?

  • In case of cancellation of the mandatory reservation for a rent with rental period from 2011 following cancellation charges will apply:

    • 5% of rental price until 100 days prior to the agreed arrival

    • at least 50 euro / reservation

      • 10% of rental from 99 to 61 days prior to the agreed arrival

      • 30% of rental from 60 to 31 days prior to the agreed arrival

      • 40% of rental from 30 to 15 days prior to the agreed arrival

      • 60% of rental from 14 to 8 days prior to the agreed arrival

      • 70% of rental from 7 days prior to the agreed arrival

    • 80% of rental at day of the agreed arrival

  • The receipt of the written cancellation to the landlord is decisive for the cancellation. A nonpick up deemed as resignation. To hedge the cancellation risk, we strongly recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance. You will find a claim form in the reservation confirmation.

Can I return the vehicle to another station?

Not at this time, we apologize for that.

Can I see the vehicle at a rental station in advance?

The rental vehicles can be viewed at our rental locations at standard opening times (Mo -Fr. 9 am – 6 pm / Sat 9 am – 12 am). Please be aware that (depending on the station and the utilization) a complete cross-section of the rental fleet can not always be seen on site. We strongly recommend prior telephone contact with us for tuning a survey and consultation appointment. Otherwise, your path could been in vain.

What accessories are included in the motorhome?

Each of our campers is equipped at least with the following accessories:

  • Sun awning

  • Bike carrier / parking garage

  • Radio/CD

  • CEE extension cable (max. 25 meter)

  • Levelling chocks (max. 2 pcs.)

  • Book edition of campsite leader (on loan)

  • Italy warning sign

  • Signal vests (max. 2 pcs.)

  • 1 bottle of gas (propane / butane, max. 11 kg, depending on type)

  • WC sanitary accessories and fresh water chemistry

Our tip: Recommended Accessories in addition to the standard equipment above. It has proved well in practice when additional optional accessories beeing rent or purchased in Camping Traders:

  • (charcoal or gas) grill

  • Melamine tableware (lightweight, unbreakable tableware)

  • Portable Navigation Device

  • Bedclothes

  • Kitchenware

  • Warning sign for Spain

  • Adapter for gas bottle

  • Europe security vests

  • First aid kit

  • Literature ( camping, parking, tour guide…)

Dealing with sanitary chemistry

To avoid environmental pollution by sanitary fluids, please use each pad in a sensible way and please do not use more than recommended by the manufacturer. Please never dispose the toilet’s contents cassette in the great outdoors and not in the street drain. Please exclusively dispose in the designated disposal stations or treatment plants attached toilets and dilute the content by abundant rinsing with water.

What accessories can I buy / rent?

We keep a wide range of helpful and useful accessories you can rent or purchase.

What additional costs?

  • Our daily rates already include VAT, a professional liability insurance and a comprehensive cover (€ 1.500) as well as a partial coverage protection with € 1.500 deductible per incident.

  • The service fee of € 140 has to be paid once per vehicle and rental.

  • If the vehicle is not or insufficiently cleaned inside when returned there will be at least € 140 for cleaning in addition

  • If the toilet is not cleaned or / and emptied when the vehicle is returned there will be an additional toilet cleaning fee of € 140.

  • Costs for fuel, tolls, parking space, camping, ferry as well as

  • any penalty and other operating costs are entirely paid by the tenant.

Credit cards accepted?


What about small repairs?

Small repairs and spare parts up to a height of € 150 can be commissioned in a caravan specialist without prior consultation by the tenant.

Behaviour in case of accident or injury case

The tenant immediately has to notify the police after an accident, fire, theft, wild or otherwise damage. This also applies to self inflicted accidents without involvement of third parties. In addition, the tenant immediately has to inform the landlord about any details of the accident or damage, even with minor damage. The accident / damage report must include the names and addresses of the persons and witnesses involved, including registration plates of the vehicles. Claims for damages other casualty party may not be recognized.

In which countries can I go?

Trips within Europe are allowed with the exception of the following countries / regions: Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Iceland. Trips in war and crisis areas are generally not permitted.

Are ferry trips allowed and insured?

Ferry passages within Europe on approved and suitable ferries are allowed and the mobile home is insured to the posted rates.

How a motorhome should be selected?

For perfect vacations with your motorhome the size of the vehicle plays a crucial role. Please note especially the number of passengers. In a small motorhome two persons may have wonderful holiday but with four persons it is cramped quickly. In the vehicle descriptions we therefore give you not only the number of authorized seats but also the number and dimensions of beds. Based on the ground plans, the bed and room layout are well understood.

How about the consumption?

In our camper rental fleet we operate exclusively powerful yet fuel-efficient turbo diesel vehicles of the latest generation. Depending on the loading conditions and driving style you have to reckon with a diesel consumption of 10-14 liters / 100km.

Wie groß ist der Frischwassertank?

All our motorhomes have a fresh water tank for easy water supply on the go. The size of the tank varies by model and is between 80 and 120 liters. The fresh water system of ADAC campers will be cleaned and disinfected at vehicle handover. In vehicle redemption the fresh water system must be empty. Freshwater additives – either chlorine or silver ion based – is included with every vehicle.

Are the vehicles suitable for winter?

Our campers are suitable for winter conditions with proper use and take into account some special features of course. They all are isolated and equipped with an adequate heating. In addition, they have been manufactured and tested with regard to the winter suitability according to the strict „DIN EN 1646-1 1996 D for Motor Caravan“.

How and where to get fresh water?

Across Europe, there are thousands of supply and disposal facilities where you can fill up your fresh water usually even for free or for a small fee. In addition, you can refill your water supply at all campsites. In southern European countries water can be refueled often even at gas stations for a small fee. To avoid health problems we recommend that you only refuel fresh water and to use the additives supplied to the manufacturer’s specifications as well as the sand filter. You can easily fill the fresh water tank from outside of the motorhome via water hose or watering can.

Is free camping permitted?

There is still no uniform rule for this purpose: Every country has its own rule in this regard, regulations and laws. We encourage you to inform in advance about the requirements of the destination countries.

For information, see here.

In Germany the one time stay due to the „restoration of driving“ is almost allowed everywhere (where not explicitly prohibited). Camping similar behavior (statement of camping chairs and tables …) however, is not permitted!

For safety reasons we only recommend approved and appropriate places – for example RV parks and campsites. Thereby listen to your inner voice and stay only where you feel safe.

How much time do I need for the handover?

We want to introduce you individually to the complex RV technology as needed and comprehensive. Therefore, please plan at least one hour for a good vehicle handover and please do not come for rental when it is dark or just before gate closure for rental office. To avoid waiting times, we recommend a previous telephone appointment coordination with the respective station only!

When are the handover times?

  • Our campers are passed on weekdays (Monday-Friday) from 2 pm to 5 pm, Saturdays from 09 am to 12 am.

  • The vehicle return always starts in the morning from 9 am to 11 am, also please refer to the rental agreement. No vehicles are handed over outside of these hours and on sundays and holidays.

  • Please do not come to the briefing and vehicle handover when it is dark and not just before gate closure for rental office because we want you get instructed comprehensively, individually and appropriately in the complex RV technology. To avoid waiting times, we recommend a previous, telephone appointment with us!

How does the camping gas supply work in Europe?

Our mobile homes are equipped with gas appliances, such as a hot water heater, gas heater, gas stove and gas-powered refrigerator. For every rental, you will receive a full German gas bottle with max. 11 kg propane / butane, which is usually sufficient. If you need more gas while driving in Germany, you will get a new filling in almost all hardware stores, at campsites and camping retailers. You must simply an empty returnable bottle and you will get a filled gas bottle handed. Cost point depending on sale location: € 12-20 / 11 kg filling.

Abroad, it may behave a bit more complicated due to different gas cylinders systems. Generally, we recommend to take two Europe-Sets available in well-stocked camping trader.

  • The Europe-fill-Set: Four adapters for filling German camping gas cylinders abroad.

  • The Europe Union Set: Four adapters that allow the connection of German gas regulator to many European bottles.

  • Cost point per set € 15

How about any early return money back?

In case of early trip interruption we unfortunately can not transfer any money for the unconsumed rental days.

Can we take bikes? If so - how many?

Our mobile homes are all equipped with a bike rack at no extra charge, up to 4 bicycles can be transported depending on the vehicle type. However, the tenant is solely responsible for the secure transport mounting and fixing and for traffic engineering protection  (for example by provision of prescribed warning signs. (e.g. the warning sign for Italy is onboard the rental vehicle, warning signs for Spain only on request and at extra cost).

  • Vany Class: rear bike carrier for up to 2 bicycles

  • Activity Class: rear bike carrier for up to 2 bicycles

  • Simply Class: rear bike carrier for up to 2 bicycles

  • Harmony Class: rear bike carrier for up to 2 bicycles

  • Melody Class: rear bike carrier for up to 3 bicycles

  • Easy Class: rear bike carrier for up to 3 bicycles

  • Holiday Class: rear bike carrier for up to 3 bicycles

  • Family Class: rear bike carrier for up to 4 bicycles

  • Comfort Class: rear bike carrier for up to 4 bicycles

  • Premium Class: rear bike carrier / garage for up to 2 bicycles

Can I park my car at the depot for the rental period?

You can park your car free of charge for the duration of your motorhome rental on an adjacent calm parking space. It is also possible  to park your car safe and secure for only € 1.50 / day in the garage of the neighboring hotel. If you are interested please contact us directly.

What is an alcove?

 The distinctive bulge above the driver’s cab is called „alcove“. In this area there is a comfortable place to sleep for two persons, easy accessible from the interior of the mobile home structure.

How do I get the ADAC tour set?

As an ADAC member you are entitled to have an individually tailored ADAC TourSet® when renting a motorhome. You will get this ADAC TourSet® :

  • By clicking here

  • Call on 0800 5 10 11 12 (Mo. – Sa. 8 am – 8 pm, toll-free)

  • Locally at the ADAC service centers and offices

Do the vehicles have any emission sticker?

Yes! Environmental protection is as important to us as all campers, therefore all „rentandgo24“ RVs are equipped with a emission sticker. All vehicles are equipped with a green sticker, as „rentandgo24“ as one of first landlords has consistently powerful yet fuel-efficient turbo diesel vehicles with particulate filters.

Travel price hedging?

Subject of the contract is renting a motorhome from „rentandgo24“ only. Travel services or a package of travel services (travel) does not owe the landlord. The legal provisions concerning the travel contract – in particular §§ 651 a-1 BGB  – find no application. The tenant carries out its journey himself and sets the vehicle on his own responsibility. Therefore, the issue of a travel price security note is not required and also not provided.


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